The Bulthuis Small Equipment Cabinet.

Ever noticed how small parts become such a big mess in your warehouse? Stay in control with the Bulthuis Storage cabinet.

With the supply of small equipment relatively high costs are involved. But these hidden costs are often not calculated into the selling price. It consumes a lot of time in the form of purchasing, administration, logistics and inventory management. In addition, a lot of handling is needed and this can quickly lead to unnecessary chaos in the warehouse.

Hence, Butlhuis developed the Storage cabinet, a tailor-made cabinet that you can easily supply. As a result, less administration and monitoring is needed and you will have one point of contact for consumables. In addition, continuity is guaranteed and you have less risk of mistakes

More comfort with our Barcode scanner

For even more convenience, we deliver the cabinet with our barcode scanner. This allows you to supply the cabinet in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Scan the barcode that is in the product box and enter the amount;
  2. Connect the scanner to the computer to check the order;
  3. Send the order through our website.


You will receive the storage cabinet, a complete starter content and the barcode scanner for only € 999,- excluding VAT.

Yes, I would like more information

Fill in the application form and we will get in touch as soon as possible. Together we will go over the terms and conditions, see how much you can save and what would be the perfect layout for your company.

For more information:

Call 050 – 537 59 59

Dimensions of the cabinet:
W x H x D: 1m x 1.97m x 0.3m


Handling costs for small inventory products are about 45% higher than costs for regular products.


Do you have a Bulthuis scanner yet? Download the latest software here.